Since I was doing so well on the medication (for 14 months) I knew when something was wrong.  I could feel myself falling back into old habits, so that is when I call the new doc.  I have seen him about a dozen times since the end of last year and here are five things he gave me to do: eat right, EXERCISE, find friends to talk to, get a relaxing hobby (knitting, walking etc) and plan relaxation instead of doing everything before – make it a chore.  So I tried them all and here is what has worked for me.

Make relaxation a chore.  I was “doing” in order to get done so I could relax.  But now I make sure it is part of my day, whatever it is.  For example, I took Nellie for a walk to the river and let her swim.  Whenever I start to feel “it” I think of that day.

EXERCISE:  Huge, made all the difference in the world.  It gives me a good solid energy for the day, keeps me calm.  It is kinda like letting your kids run wild before you send them to bed.  IT WORKS! DO IT

Eating right:  All ready did that, but I was bad at breakfast.  So I found a protein drink mix that I eat at breakfast.  Keeps the sugar level even for the day.

Hobby:  I had too many!  So I am focusing on the few I really enjoy.

Friends:  Still not my strong suite.  But I am finding ways to talk to people where I would have avoided it. And I invited to take a mom and her daughter to the kids museum in Portland – we did it and I survived.  Something I would have NEVER had done.

Lastly, I have a hard time sleeping becasue all the “thoughts” won’t leave my head.  I will sit and roll through all the things I have to do the next day, all the things I said that day and it just keeps going and going.  I fret.  So I got an audio of Yoga and I put in the earbuds and do it at night before bed.  Very helpful cause I have to listen instead of think and it releases the tension in my body.

Now, this week I have not done any of those things.  And I can tell, my mind is rolling.  So this list is also for me, so I can come back and see what worked and do it.

Finally I started to have massages done, WOW!  Walking on air for days after.  So, it has now become  regular part of my life.  And I have been able to lower my medication level.  So next time you feel tight go see Carol Rose

That’s my journey in three posts.  Now lets see if I can find something to write about for the rest of the year.