This blog has been neglected and forgotten.  I will tend to it again, one day.  But in the mean time, I’ll get to it when I can. 

On another note, my doctors appointment is Friday.  I am so nervous yet very excited.  I know I have a problem and I have had it all my life, it has kept me from school dances, parties and all kinds of things I think would be fun.  I have never really really let my hair down and really trusted someone else.  

What else, my brother ended with another charge.  His first charge had the chance of being a misdemeanor, but because he did not complete his probation it became a felony.  So, now he had two felony’s, no license and probation for eighteen months.  Maybe now he will get it.

Owen is a reflux baby.  He cried, spits up, drools, nurses poorly and a whole slew of other things.  So I order a Tucker Sling, which my insurance is going to pay for.  I am so hoping that this helps, fours hours of sleep is not enough each night.  I also found out my insurance will also buy a breast pump for me.  I picked it up yesterday, wonderful.  I must say, it was very exciting to be milked last night.  I would highly recommend an expensive pump.  I ended up with almost $400 in medical equipment for my cost of $50.  But that is only becasuse I had filled the deductible with Owen’s birth. 

What else, Ash is being a pain in the ass.  It is like a switch was flipped, and he turned into a toddler.  He is adjusting…. 

Nate got DAYS!  Very exciting considering it is summer. 

Okay, now I am going to get another hour of sleep before everyone wakes up.