Owen Lee Baldwin made it on March 25 at 7:02pm.  At 7 pounds and 19 inches. 

That morning I new my contractions felt different.  So, Nate and I decided to head to my moms (she is off for spring break) and put Ash down for a nap just in case we decided to head to the hospital.  I still didn’t really know by 3:30 when Nate had to go to work, but by the time 4:00 rolled around, I was for sure.  Mom and I headed in, and all the rooms where full!  I got checked in a temporary room and I was about 7cm!  So she rushed someone out and got me in.  I called Nate and he made it about 5.  We had the best nurse in town and the doctor was wonderful.  I handled the contractions without a hitch, my water broke and within two contractions I was ready to push.  I pushed through about six contractions and out he came.  My dad and stepmom made it to watch and my mom and Nate where there.  It was a wonderful experience, very very relaxing.  They put Owen on my chest right away and didn’t take him for hours.  He latched right onto breastfeeding, it couldn’t have been better.  I had to stay two days because I was step + and they couldn’t get the antibiotics in me in time so they wanted to make sure Owen didn’t get sick.  My post-pardum is going amazingly well, except my boobs hurt like hell!  Ash loves him, he didn’t like it when another little boy was touching him, it was sweet.  And that’s the story of Owen and his first day.