The last 48 hours have been hell around here.  Contractions non stop.  I can’t sleep, nothing sounds good to eat, and it aches.  I wish he would make up his mind and either come out or stay inside and relax.  Next appointment on the 12th, we’ll see if I am dilated by then.

In other news, really boring around here.  My brother has started NA meetings, whoo hoo.  Hopefully he will get the help he needs.  Nathen’s sister stayed with us this weekend and Ash had a blast.  They slumber partied in his room.  He thought that was kick ass.  He had a busy weekend really, Friday night he stayed with my mom.  Saturday Riss stayed with us and he spent all day Sunday at Nate’s parents.  And Riss stayed again that night.  I had a whole weekend me, which was great cause of those damn contractions. 

I can’t wait for this baby to show up, so I have something to focus on.  With almost all projects done, my mind starts to think.  Then guilt usually sets it, not a place I like to be.  I’m ready.

(Oh, and if it is a girl.  Her name will be Sophie.)