So we are finally done with the rooms.  They look much better in person, camara does not do them justice.  I still have to kinda figure out how to decorate, but that is easy compared to what we did.  We layed carpet, primed and painted all walls, scraped and primed and painted ceilings, installed new lighting, and primed and painted all the doors.  It’s the prep work that gets me, like to lay carpet we had to pull everything out and pull staples out of the floor.  Backbreaking!  So worth it though, my allergies have clamed down so much now that the nasty carpet is out of my bedroom.

If you check out our bedroom pic, you’ll see a fancy headborad.  My stepdad made that for me!  It was a birthday gift and I love it.  He is a very very talented man with woodworking.  And it is all recycled wood!  And that rag on the bed is my blankie.
The sewing projects are just baby things.  I sewed all the stuff in his room also.  The two robe looking things are the hooter hiders.  Hopefully they work.  Now all I have to do is paint closet doors and I am ready for him to come home.