A couple of days ago, we had to go to the pound to get our dog a license.  It was just Nate and I and we went and looked at the dogs they had up for adoption.  I saw one I liked and we decided to head back with Ash and Gabe to check her out.  We spent over a hour there walking her and trying to see what she was like.  She was hyper, way too hyper for our family.  Gabe didn’t like her and she jumped all over Ash.  Not quite ready to train a dog and have a baby at the same time so we passed.  But Ash had a great time in the kitty room, he played in there the whole hour.  So, I think we are going to head back and pick out a cat when we can get a cat door installed. 

But I hate the pound, I felt so guilty leaving animals behind, even though I know it is best for us.  While we where there, three dogs where surrendered in one hour!  I watched one lady sit at the table and cry her head off while her puppy jumped all over her.  Very sad.  I didn’t want to make a mistake and take the wrong dog home, but it still sucked leaving them all behind.  I was glad we went and played with her though, it made me feel better about the whole idea.  It was worth the hour to decide not to get her.  The right animal or dog will happen if it supposed to.