Today was a wonderful trip for me. I got to leave Ash at home with Nate and head into town. The Moms club was putting on a sale and next door they had a car seat clinic at the fire station. So, I got to have someone show me how to put the infant seat in right plus I got to shop. It was great because my mom met me there and between the two of us, we found some great stuff. My mom picked me up a Boppy and a changing pad for our changing table (which I lost in the moves). Both something I really wanted. On top of that I found these great tunnels for Ash that fold up to a circle for $1 each and some clothes. Then my mom took me to lunch – which was great because I have new heartburn medicine! And the sun is out, now Ash just needs to wake up. It was great to hang with mom, and find some good deals.