1.  I am a stock watcher.  I don’t know why, but I check the stock levels every day. 

2. I don’t like to cuddle, but I know the people around me need it.  When I sleep, leave me alone!  Even with Ash, the only time I really love it is when he wakes up.  It was also great when he was a baby!

3. I always wanted five kids, but I hate being pregnant.  So two it is.  And I really suck at being pregnant.

4. I asked Nate to marry me.  I don’t know if he would have, but I have always been a take charge kinda girl.

5. I am so like my mom, it is not even funny.  I don’t mind it, I think she is a wonderful person.

6. I can’t stand scary movies, I used to love them.  I find myself way too stressed out after I watch them.

7. Cream of Wheat is my favorite hot cereal.  With butter and brown sugar.

8. I am not a creative cook.  We have about the same thing every week.  But what I do cook is usually really good. 

9. Cheated once on a test – and got caught.  He didn’t turn me in, but failed me in the class.  Learned my lesson.

10.  Loved eighth grade.  We had the best teacher, I learned more from him then I think I will ever understand. 

11.  Has super hearing and smell.  And it sucks.  I hear every crack, whistle, bark, whine, drip and howl.  I smell everything too, like a cat pee smell in a rental or lingering smoke.  Sometimes I think I am crazy cause no one else can.

12.  Can make any food good for you bad.  Like Cheerios with sugar, or carrot sticks dipped in ranch.

13.  Named Ash after “Evil Dead”.  Not just my idea though, I just came up with it.

14.  Loves tacos.  And avocados.

15.  Hates “stuff”, and has a very clutter free house.  I don’t like dusting around things, so I find it easier just not to have them.  I don’t hold much stock in items I own, they don’t really mean much to me.   Except my photo albums.

16.  Thinks she has a clean house till she goes over to someone elses.  I used to be cleaner, I think having a kid changed that a little.

17.  Loves dogs, but hates everything that seems to come with them.  They are hairy, stinky, barky, whiny, but very lovable.

18.  Had the best cat in the world, then lost him.  Still very sad about that.

19.  Is so very proud of her husband.  If you knew him as  teenager then now, he is still the same but holds his head higher.

20.  Checks her email like phone messages – every time I come home.  I won’t answer them for weeks though.

21.  Refuses to get hooked on TV shows.  I hate it when I miss one, then I am so lost.

22.  Wishes I was a better crafter.  I want to scrape book, sew, and all that.  But I only have time for so many hobbies.

23.  Can’t stand bad drivers, especailly when they put me and my kids in danger.

24.  Had a doctor like Dr Hibbel from the Simpsons deliver Ash.  I can’t remember much from the delivery except his laugh.  I don’t even remember how much Ash weighed!

25.  Is trying her dandiest to take it one day at a time.  I like to pre plan and find deviance from the plan hard to deal with.  So, I am trying to let go and pray it will all work out.



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