Nate has been on graveyards the last four months, and that is about to change.  Graveyards stinks.  We had no time alone, in which we where both awake and ready to go.  He worked midnight to eight am.  So he would get home and go to sleep about one when Ash would go down for a nap and wake up just before Ash went to bed.  Then I lay down.  Then the weekends are zombie time because he is trying to match us.  It is really hard to find time just to talk about bills and that sorda jazz, let alone be a couple.  Date nights don’t really exsit, becasue he is always a zombie or sleeping.  Now, he gets swings till the end of May which gives us a very good shot for days during the summer.  Swings are from four pm to midnight.  So he’ll hit the hay about two am and be up around nine am which will give us nap time alone!!  And weekends won’t be so bad, because he will be pretty close to our sleeping time already.  Very exciting stuff in this house, for me this is like Christmas all over.  This also means he can help a little with baby at night for the first two months.  Maybe at the one am feeding I can sleep through and pump milk for him, hmmm that would be nice…. It’s the little things in life.