Do you all remember when I was barfing my guts out during the first trimester?  I just read a blog by a women who is still barfing at 18 weeks!  How I feel for her, I remember that my life felt consumed by vomit.  But I have a new problem, heartburn.  It is so bad now, that I am vomiting from it.  Last night I was running to the bathroom at 1am.  I know it is the burn, cause my tummy is not upset and it is just one blurp and I am done and it burns all night when I lay down.  I have been consumed by a new vomit – haha.  Ohh, and I finally got some sleep last night.  Someone had mentioned Tylenol PM to me and I checked the bottle.  You know what the active ingredient for the sleep aid is – benadryl!  So, I took a couple benadryl and went right to sleep, till the barfing.   For any suffering morning sickness, I have heard that this curbs the barfing (I used it at night).  Our pediatrician recommended benadryl to us for Ash’s car sickness, and it helped – he slept the whole way! It’s a cure all.