We just got the lasted edition of “Family Fun“.  That magazine is so full of fun ideas.  We just did an octopus out of a glove, and Ash had a blast.  And I also wanted to post my favorite and easiest desert recipe,  Manderian Delight .  I love this and it has been a hit everywhere that I have brought it. 

Ohh, and for anyone who cares I updated the Photos post to clarify the blog I had in mind.  The one that allowed all the nasty commens was about as Astoria Police Officer that had been arrested for having sex on the job.  Slote I think is his last name, ahh here it is Slotte.  And the lady who wanted to shut down her blog in September is the Boobs Injuries and Dr Pepper blogger, whom is in my list (wanted to clarify, I have seen several blogs shut down after the holidays, not talking about any that where taken down).  And the stalker – well, I think she is just a women in love who doesn’t know how to handle a loss.  So I wasn’t talking about you – LOL. (Unless you are one of those three people)    🙂  Again, defending what I write – what’s wrong with me?