I made that monster!!  It was so much fun, but Ash was not very patient with me.  I’m getting better all the time.  Plus, the pregnancy pics are really recent – that’s us at the beginning of the third trimester.  Eleven weeks to go!!


And my last post was not about my blog – I read one that had become a forum of anonymous posters that where nasty, and the poster allowed it to keep going.  If you don’t like what someone has to say – quit reading.  But there is something really addictive about a bad blog, like Judge Judy…..  Another thought on blogs.  A very close, close person to me stated he had a stalker.  This got me thinking about a term I have over and over in many blogs, blog stalker.  My suggestions for such a thing, if you are suffering from this.  Do private posts with a password – I think almost all blogger sites do this.  Then you know who is reading for real.  Just an idea, don’t put it out there for all the read if you don’t want all to read.  Sometimes I forget my reader base, and I do have readers that I have no idea who they are, are they stalking?  Maybe they love what I write (haha) and want to show everyone, or need a reason to dislike me even more,  or maybe they are trying to get know me a little through this blog (good luck if you are), what ever the motive is for them reading, I’ll keep on writing.  I have posted myself into a corner before, but that hasn’t stopped me.  I read a lady the other day who had done a very serious post about her life and a specific opinion and got a lot of nasty comments, the link being on the side at Boobs Injuries and Dr Pepper (I have read some very funny posts from her).  She was debating on shutting down her blog.  I say no way, do it if it makes you feel good.  Don’t let people bully you around – not everyone will vote with you – but someone might.  I know for a fact that many many people think I am wrong some (or all) of the time.  It’s your blog and if people don’t like it, I say tell them quit reading it (or stalk it 😛 ).