I forget when I am blogging that I am entering a whole new world.  There are rules that apply here that I don’t see in elsewhere.  The first that comes to mind is the negative comment and the anonymous ones.  That is one thing I don’t do, if I read someones blog and I don’t like what they have to say, I keep it to myself.  Some have inspired me so much, that I have done my own post with my own opinions, but I have never left more then a good note on someone elses work.  I don’t know why, I just don’t feel the need to express myself in a place other then my own domain.  Same with anonymous comments, if you feel the need to comment something you had better be prepared to own it.  But, in the blogging world, people can say what they want and do it freely.  It never happens out here, where I tell someone my opinion and they don’t know where it is coming from.  So, if you read my blog don’t assume I read yours, but I probably do.  I try to comment on everyone, but chasing a two year old barely leaves me time to sit and read a whole posting from beginning to end in one sitting (I rss feed, so they download to my e-mail when a posting is made, it could be days before I read).  And never assume I posted a comment anonymously, because I would put my name, every time.  That is my own personal rule.  I know I have a lot of readers, and barely any of them leave a comment.  That’s fine, I’ll take what I can get.  Also, I have never deleted a comment someone has left on my postings, if it was bad I may, but I would probably delete the posting if it created that much turmole. 

In other news, the cold that we had in the house last month is still lingering.  And family (my bro) hit the stress level to all time high in the house.  Then there is me pregnant, which I do not do well at.  And it has been weird around here, everyone is feeling it.  But today was better, because the sun came out!!  First I was happy to see rain because all the snow melted, well this is ten times better!  We went to the track and rode trike and flew a kite which Ash got the Christmas from Clerance (THANK YOU – He loves it).  We had a good time, then we got home and Ash had hit a wall and cried and cried.  I think it was a combo of a late night and early morning, his nap was almost FOUR hours today.  And tax season is here -and we are getting money back!  Whoohoo, and we just found out that Nate get a big deduction on car insurance for being a deputy, double whoohoo.  Let’s keep the good news coming.