I have been on a personal journey lately.  One that sent me on a search for faith.  My family is Christian and so is Nate’s family, but I have never really felt that the shoe has fit me.  I have met many many people who claim to be “good” Christians, but fail to meet even the basics of the faith.  I know one man who attends church regularly, but lies through his teeth and is a total cheater.  And I know another women who claims to follow the faith but yaks behind peoples backs and completely fails at the forgiveness level (maybe she has in herself butallows me to still believe she is angry with me).  But if someone murdered my son, I don’t think forgiveness would come so easily for me.  And why would a murderer get a pass to heaven when he has accepted Christ and not me who would never dream of taking a life?  I find this faith to be beyond my understanding, and level of logic.  What I do believe is that there is something greater then me, that God does exist, but not in the text that many of you may be thinking.  I believe that something connects all of us and drives us to be better people, but for some it drives them to be worse, like a good verses evil thing.  I have a mix of beliefs, I guess I can take a little from each religion and make my own.  Like, I really believe that there is something to Mayan prophecy of 2012, which may coincide with Armageddon in the bible (and also is at the end of Obama’s first term), maybe they are all right.  The basics of my faith would include, but not limited to:  forgiveness (especially when someone admits a wrong), love (even though you don’t agree with them), faith, support of the ones who need it, self sacrifice, and self control.  It could go on and on, but like I said – basics.

I really think that the basis of each religion is the same – something more then ourselves and that we as a people have an obligation to be better.  I spent many hours looking and reading about different faiths, and one does not seem to fit me.  What would you call someone like me?  Faithful?