Lately I have not felt well.  Sitting typing even is making my hands weak.  I thought it was just a side effect of being pregnant, now I think there might be something wrong.  It all started several weeks ago when Ash spiked a fever.  It seemed to come from nowhere and disappeared as quickly as it came.  He never really got sick, but he did seem down for a while.  In the mean time, I start running a cold and it has not seemed to have let up at all since.  Then Nate got sick and then Ash got it full on.  So, no big deal we all caught colds.  Then Ash started getting a rash on his cheeks, and he had something similar since birth.   I just figured his allergies acted up since the cold.  Well, come to find out he has fifth disease and it just needs to run its course. 

Now to me and what has been up.  Since the cold, I have felt fatigued, achy, tired, dizzy, lightheaded and very weak.  I am have a hard time even pulling open the door.  I thought, pregnancy, cold and lack of sleep was causing it all.  Then today, as I was taking a nap my hands and feet started to go numb.  I hopped online and found some information about fifths disease and it can cause anemia in adults and pregnant women.  So, I looked up anemia and found more information.  I could have a B12 deficiency which is causing the anemia.  The B12 causing the numbness and anemia and the anemia causing the weakness and dizziness.  Lucky for me, I told my mom what was up yesterday and before I felt the numbness she convinced me to make an appointment.  So, I am going in tomorrow to hopefully find out why all this is going on, I am hoping for a blood test.  But we’ll see what the doc says. 

And for all you out there, I think this may the source of all the frustration too.  Being too tired to deal with anything, plus some rough family going ons. 

Thanks for all the support, hopefully tomorrow will solve some problems.  And bless my hubby and son for putting up with me.