Lately it has been hard for me to read.  I have been very dizzy and light headed, unable to focus.  I think it is finally letting up, and I got to start reading today.  I don’t just read any old book, it has to capture me from the start.  I am mostly a fan of fantasy, but not sci-fi.  I really enjoy books that are written more the for the teenage age bracket.  I really loved the “Golden Compass” series, that is my speed of reading. 
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The last book that I can remember really enjoying was “Wicked”.   I read the next one in the series and just found out that another one just came out.  I can’t wait to read it.
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And I also really had a good time reading “Eragon” and the two that followed it. The only thing I find hard with series is that I feel lost when the next book finally maked it out. The auther of this series does an excellent job of updating you at the beginning of each book.

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Now, this is not all that I read. But, when I feel challanged all day and want to relax I find that these books let my mind wonder. I don’t feel challanged to read them, and my brain seems to get a break. I spend too much time thinking as it is, so some of you might find it lazy to read this type of book, but I find it to be my release. But, when it comes to movies, I like a movie that makes me re-think. Like “Sicko” or “Chirlden of Men”, I like something that moves me. If any of you have a suggestion on an excellent book or movie, I would love to hear it. I don’t get much time to sit and watch or read so I like it to be worth my while to do so. I find myself very disappointed when I watch a horrible movie or read a poor book, so help me find a good author or something!