I can’t sleep.  It is really starting to wear on me, I can feel it in my bones.  I’m cranky, short tempered, bitchy to say the least.   I don’t like this, normally I am happy go lucky, go with the flow kinda girl.  Right, it is best I stay away from people because I can’t stand anyone right now.  This blog is probably a bad idea right now, with all this frustration floating through me.  But I know that this will pass, and I won’t feel this way forever.  I just need to sleep more then four hours a night. 

Now I pose a question.  How do you help a drug user who doesn’t think that what they are doing is a problem?  This person has gotten very ill, spent a lot of money and alienated family.  How bad does have to get before they ask for help?  I am so worried that he’ll lose himself and no one will be able to help him back.  I guess all we can do is wait till he is ready to ask and remind him that help is there when he decides he needs it.  I hope that point comes sooner then later.