Today I finally sat down and figured out how far along this pregnancy is, twenty-seven weeks!!  I can’t believe we made it to the third trimester already.  I knew I was getting close, because I am starting to panic.  Nate and I did some numbers the other day, and I panicked about not enough money.  Then we talked about the rooms, and I panicked about not enough time.  I can feel the time falling away and money running out.  But, other then that everything is great!  I haven’t barfed for the longest time, but I do seem to be suffering from nasal problems, lack of sleep and fatigue.  Nothing I can’t deal with.  The baby moves all over the place, thankfully he is not big enough to inflict too much pain yet.  Ash watched a delivery show with me the other day, and he was all excited because the baby came out.  So, I think he will be okay with everything.  It will be me the probably has the hardest time adjusting!   I have made it to two week appointments, this next one is the glucose test.  Then after that, it is smooth sailing.  Soon, I promise, I will posting pictures of the belly and everything else.  I am thinking wordless Wednesday!

Ohh, I also mentioned a while back that my stepsister is pregnant also.  Hers is going very well also, although she is under a lot more stress then I am.   I hope that this baby can help stabilize her life.  She recently moved back in with her mom and my dad with her two teenage kids.  She is commutingsix hours every week for work, because she doesn’t think it would be easier to find a job here.  Her youngest, eleven, is not happy and you can tell.  Although the move put her back in the town where her dad lives, she stays grandma and grandpa most of the time while mom is gone.  She has shown that this does not work for her.  I can think it will only get worse when the baby comes and attention is spread even thinner.  But her oldest son seems to be handling it all very well.  But sometimes I worry that we are not seeing the whole picture.  I remember being very secretive with my feelings at his age.  I just hope they can all cope and manage to get back to “normal”, the stress in that house can be felt far far away.  My parents seem to be handling it well also, but you can tell it has not been easy.  To go from two with one dog, to four with two dogs and two cats and a baby on the way is hard for anyone.  That is a big step rather then several small ones.  I just hope this does not create long lasting effects on relationships.