Needless to say, I have not wanted to write lately. I think it is just becasue we have been so busy with the snow and holidays. So, here I am still nothing to write about. But, I will give a brief update.
Christmas was wonderful. It was so very nice to be home for the holidays, and NOT travel. We didn’t have the big dog to worry about and it was very relaxing so say the least.
The pregnancy is going great so far, and only three months to go! I’m starting to panic a little. I remember how stickin’ tired I was with Ash, I don’t know how I’ll do it with this one. Ash was up every 1 1/2 for four months and had the same nursing schedule through the day. It was insane, I hated nursing it the car and now I will have a three year old running around. What is a woman to do?
Ash is doing great. He loved the snow and all the presents. Today he would not nap, so he got to lay in is bed for an hour and half before he fell asleep. He did fine though, he sang and hummed himself to sleep. And his potty training is great, still no accidents and I am shocked about it.
Finally, I want to write about the things I want for the new year. After the baby is born, I want to lose a few pounds. I have packed on more then I would like to see, I am up to 162 so far. I am hoping baby taked away some, so this summer I will tackle it. I also want to make more dates for Nate and I. With his schedule, we seem to be having a hard time finding some just for us. He comes home – is dad then goes to bed. Before, we would have a couple hours at night for us. We’ll find it. Finally, I want all the bedrooms to be done, the hallway and living room, except the flooring. All we need to do it paint it all, but it takes time. That would only leave us the kitchen, add-on, bathroom, carport, landscaping, porch and garage. So much so go….