Nate’s vacation was great.  We got a lot done and relaxed all at the same time.  We finished the baby’s room, and I think it looks great, Ash will stay in there till it is done.  We started work on Ash’s room and all it needs is the trim and carpet and it is done.  This why I have not posted.  The one thing I wish was done, gutters.  This new rain proved we need to clean then out.  Home ownership can be a stressful thing, and expensive.  A few weeks ago I found a puddle in our yard.  It had been raining and I didn’t think much of it, but I was going to tell Nate.  Then I forgot and found it again and forgot to tell him again.  Well, I finally did and he dug it up.  We had a leaky water main!   Not bad, but enough to make the ground puddle up.  My husband fixed and made a muddy mess, but it is done!  Let’s see if my water bill goes down now. 

Speaking of my husband.  He is amazing me every day now.  He was grown and changed so much since we first became an item.  I remember the first time he caught my eye for real.  He pulled into my driveway with a newer used car and a new haircut.  The haircut is what got me.  I knew he was for real then, that high school was just a phase for him.  Since that day, he has become so much more.  A sheriff.  A father.  A home fixer.  A painter.  A cook.  A fire starter.   A protector.  A landscaper.  A wood splitter.  A dog walker.  And a wonderful husband.  Sometimes we wonder if we made the right choices with money, homes and all the above, but I know I did right by marrying him.

On another note.  I can’t add.  Someone help me with a tape measure.  We ended up with thirteen cord of wood, or 1664 cubic feet.  which is good news because that means at least three years of wood instead of two like I thought.  To do: 2010, order another log truck load.  And Ash has still not had a single wet or poopy diaper, including night and nap.  Last night in the bath, he said poop and it was true.  No crying or anything.  Who would of thought poop would be so exciting!