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We went in for our 20 week ultrasound yesterday.  And despite what my gut told me, they saw a penis.  I though for sure it was going to be a girl, don’t know why.  But, it looks like we are going to be one of those two boy families.  Broken vases from all the wrestling in the house.  My uncle Wes will be disappointed, out of all the cousins on my dads side, there are only threegirls and one includes me.  So, that is eight boys and three girls.  And out of those cousins, there has been five boys and one girl born (that I know of).  I think we where meant to be a family of boys.  Good thing I saved all those clothes.  I also found out that my stepsister is pregnant with her third child and due just a few weeks after us.  The story is that the guy wants nothing to do with her now and she is moving back in with my dad and step mom.  Three kids, three husbands, single and living with your parents.  Not a place anyone wants to in their early thirties.  She needs help and guidance – I just hope she can find it in time.

On a side note.  I had a late payment to Chase credit card company the other day.  I paid in full, it just showed up two days late.  A little history about me, I am fickle about payments and interest.  I have only carried a balance once and it was for only a month, and I always pay on time.  I think I have overdrawn on my checking account a couple of times, but I have a savings set up in case that happens so I don’t bounce.  I hate interest – it pisses me off and I hate fees.  So, when I got a bill with late fees, I called.  With this card, I have always paid on time and in full.  I think is why they don’t like me, I don’t make them money.  They would not work with me at all.  That is the thanks I get for being a good customer.  So, I canceled the card.  And this brings me to another thing that has bothered me since the collapse the market.

People do not borrow well.  Why are so many people in bad mortgages?  Because they signed on the line.  Most people (some where lied to) knew what kind of loan they where getting.  They knew what would happen, they got a loan based on two incomes that had a ballooning interest rate.  Now they are losing their homes.  They are just as much to blame as the banks for taking them.  Now, they are getting lower interest rates then I have.  What about me?  I borrowed what I could afford and make my payments every month.  And then there is the IRS.  Settling for less then you owe?  What the hell.  We have often thought of not paying them and seeing if we can settle for less.  What happened to us?  The ones who make bad choices get bailed out (AIG)?  What about rewarding ones who manage to stay out of trouble?  Why don’t I get a lower interest rate? I understand helping someone when they are in a pickle – we all make bad choices from time to time (highest divorce rate ever) but I wonder about the average hardworking person.  I know someone who always had a hard time showing up to work on time and every day.  They got fired, now the system is supporting them.  Why don’t we get something for making it to work every day?  I am a Democrat but in the same sense I am a Republican.

P.S.  I know my grammar sucks and I apologize to all you English scholars out there


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I know I have not been a poster lately.  Not much to say, we’re just hanging around.  Ash and I made a trip to Portland last weekend and stayed with Nate’s sister.  We had a ton of fun, and Ash loved her stepdaughter Jade.  We also hit OMSI, which I had not been there since a grade school field trip.  It was so much fun, Ash didn’t know what to do.  He was overwhelmed with all the stuff.  I would take him again.  In the meantime, we found a very fun recipe for “flubber” that is so easy to make.

In bowl one:

1 1/2 cups of warm water and 2 cups of white glue.  Add any food coloring you want here.

In bowl 2:

1 1/3 cups warm water and 3 teaspoons Borax (very good stuff for cleaning I might add)  Mix together.

Add bowl 2 to bowl 1 and fold together.  When done, there should only be about a tablespoon of water left in bowl.  Set goo on hard surface to dry a little.  Then play!  We store ours in a zip lock bag.  Very fun, easy and cheap chemistry experiment. It is also very easy to clean up – just be careful of wood surfaces – it seemed to stick or changed the color of the wood.

We have a pool in the yard.  There is a ditch up the road from us that stops just at the south end of the house.  It just stops.  So the water is flowing over the gravel road next to our house in has created a pool in the yard.  It is starting to flow into the crawl space.  There is also a river that runs the length of the house in the front yard, where a ditch should be.  What was I saying about owning a home?  Oh, that is right – it is stressful!  We called the county, because it is coming out of a ditch off a county road.  There is nothing they can do, they have to get an engineer out to analyze the problem then either do something or not.  Urgh, piss me off.

Nate’s vacation was great.  We got a lot done and relaxed all at the same time.  We finished the baby’s room, and I think it looks great, Ash will stay in there till it is done.  We started work on Ash’s room and all it needs is the trim and carpet and it is done.  This why I have not posted.  The one thing I wish was done, gutters.  This new rain proved we need to clean then out.  Home ownership can be a stressful thing, and expensive.  A few weeks ago I found a puddle in our yard.  It had been raining and I didn’t think much of it, but I was going to tell Nate.  Then I forgot and found it again and forgot to tell him again.  Well, I finally did and he dug it up.  We had a leaky water main!   Not bad, but enough to make the ground puddle up.  My husband fixed and made a muddy mess, but it is done!  Let’s see if my water bill goes down now. 

Speaking of my husband.  He is amazing me every day now.  He was grown and changed so much since we first became an item.  I remember the first time he caught my eye for real.  He pulled into my driveway with a newer used car and a new haircut.  The haircut is what got me.  I knew he was for real then, that high school was just a phase for him.  Since that day, he has become so much more.  A sheriff.  A father.  A home fixer.  A painter.  A cook.  A fire starter.   A protector.  A landscaper.  A wood splitter.  A dog walker.  And a wonderful husband.  Sometimes we wonder if we made the right choices with money, homes and all the above, but I know I did right by marrying him.

On another note.  I can’t add.  Someone help me with a tape measure.  We ended up with thirteen cord of wood, or 1664 cubic feet.  which is good news because that means at least three years of wood instead of two like I thought.  To do: 2010, order another log truck load.  And Ash has still not had a single wet or poopy diaper, including night and nap.  Last night in the bath, he said poop and it was true.  No crying or anything.  Who would of thought poop would be so exciting!

Halloween was awesome!  Ash loved it, he wanted more candy!  He kept talking about the scary guy all the way home.  It was great fun, I think we’ll do it next year too.   The picture at the bottom has his Grandpa Brian and Daddy Nate.

I think we did it, but I’m afraid to announce it.  I might be cursing myself later.  Ash is potty trained!!  It has been almost three weeks and no dirty underwear!  We had one accident, but it was during hide and seek – very understandable.  He hasn’t even been wetting his diapers at night or at nap time.  Pooping is still hard on us, it takes a lot of time and he gets upset when nothing happens.  But when he has to go, he tells me and 90% of the time he makes it.  But lately he has been telling me he has to pee and nothing comes, I think he is trying for the fruit snack reward!  Let’s see how long it lasts…  Soon to come, Halloween pics