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Our yards are infested with moles.  It is crazy, hills everywhere.  I am not usually a fan of killing and trapping, but I have put my feelings aside for my yard.  If there was a way to deter them from my yard, I would do it.  (I have heard peeing in the hills works….)  So, I bought a couple of traps when we first moved in and I got one and one in my neighbors yard.  But our other neighbor does not want to deal with his problem and he is infested, triple what we have.  I think it will be a battle that wages for years to come.  As soon as the rain hit this fall they all popped up again, I expected it.  I have at least five tunnels going right now and no idea how many moles.  The battle has begun and I have taken one life so far.  I just don’t want a dandelion mole infested yard, I want Homes and Garden style.  Again with the wanting.