My Hair.  Last year I was given bangs and loved them.  But it was hard to see my hairdresser on a regular basis (Riss) and she is the only one who could cut the bangs right.  So, I started to grow them out.  They are almost to pony tail length but not quite.  They drive me insane by falling into my face and eyes, 1/2 an inch to go…

Potty Training.  Some days he gets and some days he doesn’t.  I just want it to be done.

Dogs.  All the neighborhood dogs are shitting in my front yard.  I am beginning to understand why they fenced the entire yard.  Although the poo has been gone since my one neighbor has been on vacation with the dog….

Cooking.  I just don’t know what to cook for Ash and I alone.  I’m a boring chef, spaghetti anyone!

Our Cars.  They are filthy inside and one needs a tune up.

Pregnancy.  I have never enjoyed pregnancy and don’t believe I ever will.

OB Clinic.  Still have not called me with pap results, starting to worry they are retesting.

Other Drivers.  Had one lady pass in me a major turn lane and pass the car ahead of me in a Safeway turn lane and then head done a one way street.  Don’t drive high, please.

Bills and Money.  Need I say more.

Sex.  Graveyard sucks for now.

Politics.  I am excited for a change and I am definitely an Obama lady, but I am sure sick of watching the crappy TV ads they do.  And watching the amount of money spent when the economy is in crisis. 

I could go on and on, but do I really need to?