Our life has been pretty boring lately, just plugging along.  So, with not much going I tend to start the worrying, more then usual.  I am starting to feel overwhelmed and tired.  Nate started graveyards for the next four months, and this is our first week at it.  We’ll see, I am sure we will adjust.  It is just hard cause everything changes.  When he eats, because he sleeps through dinner, when we make love, when he plays with Ash and on and on.  I have to pre-plan so that I don’t crash into the bedroom and wake him up.  One more stress.  I did make him some awesome curtains and our room is as dark as night during the day.  It is great!! 

My other stress has been money.  We are paycheck to paycheck and some dipping into savings.  Mostly because of our decision for me to stay home with kiddo.  The only reason I am starting to stress of because of what is going on.  We have a large sum in Englund Marine that we have not moved.  It is kinda back up plan if we fall on really hard times.   My problem is this:  there has been a credit freeze on business’.  Every year, Englund borrows money through the winter and pays it off the next year.  They do this to buy the inventory for the following summer.  What are the going to do if they don’t get credit?  Well, one year the pulled retirement funds to pay.  Now, this has to be done with the permission of all people who have money vested in the program.  But, it could happen and poof our plan B is gone.  I don’t want to move it yet fearing I might move it too early and gamble a big lose.  And then the other day, my step-grandpa gave me a quilt trip.  I said that we can’t really afford to put too much into savings.  He cries bullshit, everyone can.  We can cancel TV and Internet and yadda, yadda.  It is over whelming to think about college savings, house payments and retirement on the $30,000 Nate is making.  What about us?  The four of us need to still live.  The only thing we are doing is a house payment.  And then we have this ugly house that we can’t seem to afford to do much to.  Nate and I are talking $10,000 to $20,000 in renovations to the house in a whole.  I might be stuck in the 70’s for a while.  We still don’t qualify for WIC, but at least we can afford our food.  Now, we have a $1000 we owe to hospital and when the baby is born we’ll have more.  It just doesn’t end.  I know it will get better.  Then plan is for me to start working in about four years or so, but it might have to be sooner.  We’ll see what we get back on this year’s taxes if any.   Ahhhh, we need more money….. How about a piece of that 700 billion?