We are now officially twelve weeks along!  Trimester one – completed.  I still don’t really feel pregnant.  It still feels like just an idea, not that it is really happening.  Weird.

Canning has been very successful this year.  I just got done doing my carrots and beets, now on to beans.  Once that is done I have a ton of raspberry’s in the freezer to turn into jam.  I have been chopping wood like mad still and we are almost done, when the pile is all stacked and spilt I will post a pick because it is a lot.  I told my mom-in-law and dad that I was splitting the wood.  They both said I shouldn’t be doing that.  Does pregnancy create a fragile state?  I don’t think so, if the baby can’t survive in me while I chop wood it is going to have a hell of time when it gets out!