This post is dedicated to the drama that exists in the Englund Marine Company.  Nate stared working for them when he was sixteen and I did when I was eighteen.  We had fun, everyone we worked with was great.  They kept us busy and we worked hard, like 60 hours a week hard.  But we loved it.  They moved us to Newport at our request so that Nate could fill a much needed position.  We had fun there too.  I had Ash and they where very supportive of the pregnancy, cutting my hours as I needed and giving be breaks.  They paid out all my sick and vacation time.  I think it all really happened when they decided to move out of the old store (which was where it all started) to a much bigger and new store.  They went corporate I think. 

This is where it started for us.  Nate decided to look for other types of work.  He applied for OSP and got a test date.  Little did we know, almost everyone gets a test date.  First thing Nate does as a loyal employee is tell his boss what is up.  Thinking that they would support it.  Later that week, Nate has a customer walk in and ask why Nate’s job is up in the paper.  Needless to say, Nate did not get on with OSP and in fact was asked to never apply again.  Nate was very detailed in his teenage drug use and who he hung with which forever prevents him from applying.  Which was another blessing, they put their people through six month academy’s and they move them where they need not where they want to go.  Anyway, he confronts his boss and he says “I just wanted to cover all my bases”.  So, Nate’s job went in the paper and he heard someone say, “If they find someone better, they’ll just fire Nate anyway”.  From then on I told him to keep his mouth shut till he had a hire date.

So, it goes on and he applies and takes tests and nothing happens till Clatsop County.  He gets an interview and they ask why he does not want his current employer contacted and he tells the story.  They agree not to contact them unless they really want Nate.  Time goes by and we end up with a horrible flu for three days.  Nate goes to work and that day someone knocks on my door.  Remember, we had the flu, the house stinks and it is a mess and we look like crap.  It is the Lieutenant doing family interviews.  And that day he heads to Englund Marine and sneaks up on Nate’s boss.  The boss was pissed, this is the first he hears about it.  After the interview he asks Nate why he didn’t say anything and Nate tells him the story.  He didn’t get it, why Nate was looking out for himself.  And they still had not offered him the job.  But we knew he had it. 

But before all this happened, Nate had talked to his boss about moving back to Astoria.  It became a plan and they where going to hire someone for Nate to train and get us back home.  This was in the summer of 07′, and the plan was to hire by labor day.  No interviews, nothing.  Nate talks to him again, this time they give it to Halloween.  Still nothing.  Then Thanksgiving.  Still nothing.  Then New Year’s.  Nothing.  That is when he got the sneak up interview.  Then panic.  Nate tells him is leaving Feb 1st.  (I told him to take vacation, but he was too loyal, and they didn’t pay it out)  He has a month to hire and train for this job that normally takes six months to train.  Now he is really pissed because Nate put in this position of a fast hire.  Bleck, he had six months and did nothing.  So, he hired a piece of crap that I now hear can’t show up to work and they now have spent $2000 posting his job in the Oregonian and no one has applied.  Nate told them not to hire the guy, but the panic made them.  What a mess, and they blame Nate!  That is what pisses me off more then anything.  They had there chance and blew it.  They don’t care about anything more then the company and they blew it for themselves and it costing alot of money.  Another blessing is that this job worked out so well for Nate, I would hate to see have to go back to that mess.