Yesterday when I was thinking about how our house sold, I realized how well everything worked out.

It all started for Nate about two years ago.  He wanted to join the military and I said NO.  So we started to try to figure why he wanted that change, what was his motivation.  Long story short, he wanted to be part of something bigger that helped rather then lined the pockets of his boss.  That is when the hunt began.  Of course we wanted something in Clatsop county so that we could be closer to family.  For over a year he looked and applied to several places, taking tests in all of them.  We had kinda given up for a while, I was checking websites every now and then but with little effort.  One day, I checked Clatsop (I was board) and a job was posted!  He immediately applied and eventually got the job.  Next post will be all about how his boss and Englund Marine handled that, it is a long story and a greedy one.

On to the dog, the summer before he got the job we had gone camping.  This dog had driven me nuts forever.  He whined and barked and jumped and the list goes on and on.  When Ash was born and I started to stay home, he spiked my nerves beyond anything.  I lost my temper on a daily basis, it was insane.  I told Nate we had to do something, and we started looking for a home for him that summer.  It took six months.  We tried four places and they all could not stand him (I was not alone).  I had him posted all over the Internet, then in January we got an e-mail that saved me.  I was not going to be left alone trying to sell a house while Nate was in Astoria working with that dog.  Before we had confirmation that he had the job, an older man from Corvallis came and fell in love.  I check with the guy every now and then, and still he loves him.  Much more then we where.  Blessing number one.

Car.  We only had one car and Nate was hitching a ride three to four time a week with a co-worker so I could have it every now and then.  We did give the guy gas money.  We knew we would have to find a car if he got the job, so we started looking.  Of course the perfect car within our price range in our town was in the paper.  We now own that perfect car.  Which we purchased before the job was offered to Nate.  Blessing number two.

House.  The house sold in a horrible market and fast.  We put it on as soon as we found out Nate had the job.  I worked hard to keep it staged and clean.  Only six people saw the house before we had an offer.  We may have waited and got 10,000 more, but we needed to move now and be a family again.  Five weeks from the time it listed  to the time we moved out.  And our Realtor didn’t do a thing, all she did was the paperwork, she never showed the house.  Easy money for her.  Big Blessing number three.

It all fell into place, the timing was right on everything.  It was amazing.  This is what was supposed to happen.  I am more then thankful.  And I can’t thank everyone around us for all the help they extended to us during the last year, it has been crazy.

Cute story of the day.  Ash started a peer program at the local ESD.  He loves it.  Yesterday on the way home he was telling me all about in one word sentences.  But, he started to tell be he wanted to watch Big Bird.  I told him he could after his nap.  So he puts his head back and closes his eyes.  Normally he would have fallen asleep, but seconds later he shots up and says “wake” with his hands in the air!  And then says “Big Bird”.  Needless to say he did not sleep in the car like he usually does, we had to lay in bed yesterday.  He is getting too smart for me.