In 2008 so far, we have:

Bought a car (we only had one!)

Sold a house

Lived apart for twevle weeks

Rented a house

Bought a house

Which means we moved twice

Found out a baby is on the way

Almost potty trained Ash

Found a home for one big dog

Nate changed jobs

My goodness, when in a list it feels like even more!  I am starting to feel it now, and it is time to calm down for the winter.  All we wanna do is stick close to the house, which might explain why we are so MIA.  The next list will contain all the canning I am planning on doing before winter is done!  And speaking of selling the house, I went on line to look to see what is for sale in our old area.  The houses that where on the market when we sold are still there!  And some of the prices have dropped below what we got!  We only had the house on the market one week before we got an offer we liked, which was the first one! I feel blessed that it all worked out.