We are at eleven weeks today!  I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and it went very well.  I am gaining weight and doc stilled called me skinny!  Made me feel pretty good, considering I want to weigh about ten pounds less then I started my pregnancy at.  She didn’t think she would be able to pick up the heartbeat, but because I am so “skinny” she got it!  What a wonderful sound that can be.  I know we are still not out of the “red zone” for miscarriage, but it is nice to know we made it this far.  I am starting to finally get excited about all of it.

On another note, we hit the airshow and a safety fair today.  Ash had a blast, he loves big things.  Airplanes, firetrucks, helicopters, you name it.  So he got to sit in about everything and it was all free!  I like that part.  The bad news was that my car seat was not installed correctly.  It was not bad, but I have put a lot of time into figuring the right car seat and reading all the the manuals and I still had it wrong.  Oh well, we are still alive for now.