Now that things have seemingly calmed down, I am started to feel better.  I have had two whole days barf free!  I love being back in the game, don’t get me wrong, I love to relax.  But it is hard to do when so much needs to get done.  Other then the baby being alive, the docotor gave us a better idea of how far we are.  Right now, the baby measures at just under nine weeks and we have a due date of April 11th, and there is only one in there!  Ash was born two weeks early, on April 13th so I am hoping this one is the same way or we are going to have birthdays on top of each other.  The office was great, they have an ultrasound in house, so no rushing to the hospital.  I think we might stick around.

In other news.  Nate finally got on the four month shift rotation.  That means he has the same shift for four months and the same days off.  The bad news is: GRAVEYARD.  It will be easier this time because we can adjust and live the lifestyle where as before it was only a month and switch! 

We have been bustin’ ass on our wood pile.  If you don’t know, we bought a whole log truck loads worth.  We are about 1/3 done.  Nate’s dad let us pile it on his property even though we where prepared to dump it at our house.  It is nice having it there, Von works on it when he can by making rounds.  We pick it up and split it all at our house.  What is not nice, he is pushing us to move faster then we wanted. 

We had a gas leak!  Being pregnant I can smell everything.  Gas being one.  We had NW Natural come out and they shut the gas off because the leak was in the wall, if it where they can get it they fix it no charge.  So we had no hot water for the weekend, but we got a really nice guy from Columbia Housewarmers (very highly recommended) and he fixed it in one day and he thinks it won’t cost more then $200.  Which we can afford.

Finally – Ash.  My mom works for an ESD.  She got him signed up in a peer program.  What it is, he goes to a “school” for kids with disabilities.  It is only an hour a week and he there to help the teachers show the kids on how they are supposed to act.  Nate has Tuesdays off till January, so he is taking him to the group.  A few family members where concerned he would regress and pick up bad habits.  Nate took him today for the first group, and he did great.  Nate said he had a lot of fun and helped the other kids.  He said that he seemed to know something was different and he was really gentle with the other kids.  I guess the kids are not that bad, only one had a really hard time.  I am excited and Ash was too.  He was all about going to school this morning.  I think pre-school will be really great for him.  So Tuesdays are Ash and daddy days.  They went to the park and had lunch together afterwards today.    Things are good this weekend.