My last post was not a happy one.  I have those days.  But today is a great day, not feeling too sick, Ash is at grandma’s and Nate is out hiking with his dad.  I got to sleep in and I feel good for now.  I actually started folding my laundry today!  On the maternity clothes front, I found this thing called the “Bella Band” at  So far, it works like a charm and I may not have to buy pants till much later.  I swear I can feel the baby move, I fart a lot and this is not a gas bubble.  I may be farther along then I thought, but we’ll see in September.  Otherwise nothing new, just surviving.  Ohh, and I found a place in Astoria that makes cloth diapers,  For all those moms out there that use cloth – what brand do you use? Do you like them and do they outgrow them fast?  We used cloth with Ash, but it was just the Gerber fold your own and he never outgrew them.  I loved them and hated them.  I would like to use ones with inserts so I am not spending so much time folding again.  And the pins, I hated pins.  I found this thing called a snappi, and I looks great.  I may do that and use what I have and buy new covers.  All I had with Ash where plastic ones – hated them!

On the politics of the season.  I am normally a Democratic kind of person.  I lean that way.  But now that I have the news of who John chose for his running mate – I feel the Republicans have a good chance this year.  I remember when she was elected to Alaska, it was a big deal.  Now I am on the fence and I am very curious to see what happens this year, I just want this country to be taken in a new direction and I think both parties represent that idea very well this year.  We’ll see….