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We are now officially twelve weeks along!  Trimester one – completed.  I still don’t really feel pregnant.  It still feels like just an idea, not that it is really happening.  Weird.

Canning has been very successful this year.  I just got done doing my carrots and beets, now on to beans.  Once that is done I have a ton of raspberry’s in the freezer to turn into jam.  I have been chopping wood like mad still and we are almost done, when the pile is all stacked and spilt I will post a pick because it is a lot.  I told my mom-in-law and dad that I was splitting the wood.  They both said I shouldn’t be doing that.  Does pregnancy create a fragile state?  I don’t think so, if the baby can’t survive in me while I chop wood it is going to have a hell of time when it gets out!


This post is dedicated to the drama that exists in the Englund Marine Company.  Nate stared working for them when he was sixteen and I did when I was eighteen.  We had fun, everyone we worked with was great.  They kept us busy and we worked hard, like 60 hours a week hard.  But we loved it.  They moved us to Newport at our request so that Nate could fill a much needed position.  We had fun there too.  I had Ash and they where very supportive of the pregnancy, cutting my hours as I needed and giving be breaks.  They paid out all my sick and vacation time.  I think it all really happened when they decided to move out of the old store (which was where it all started) to a much bigger and new store.  They went corporate I think. 

This is where it started for us.  Nate decided to look for other types of work.  He applied for OSP and got a test date.  Little did we know, almost everyone gets a test date.  First thing Nate does as a loyal employee is tell his boss what is up.  Thinking that they would support it.  Later that week, Nate has a customer walk in and ask why Nate’s job is up in the paper.  Needless to say, Nate did not get on with OSP and in fact was asked to never apply again.  Nate was very detailed in his teenage drug use and who he hung with which forever prevents him from applying.  Which was another blessing, they put their people through six month academy’s and they move them where they need not where they want to go.  Anyway, he confronts his boss and he says “I just wanted to cover all my bases”.  So, Nate’s job went in the paper and he heard someone say, “If they find someone better, they’ll just fire Nate anyway”.  From then on I told him to keep his mouth shut till he had a hire date.

So, it goes on and he applies and takes tests and nothing happens till Clatsop County.  He gets an interview and they ask why he does not want his current employer contacted and he tells the story.  They agree not to contact them unless they really want Nate.  Time goes by and we end up with a horrible flu for three days.  Nate goes to work and that day someone knocks on my door.  Remember, we had the flu, the house stinks and it is a mess and we look like crap.  It is the Lieutenant doing family interviews.  And that day he heads to Englund Marine and sneaks up on Nate’s boss.  The boss was pissed, this is the first he hears about it.  After the interview he asks Nate why he didn’t say anything and Nate tells him the story.  He didn’t get it, why Nate was looking out for himself.  And they still had not offered him the job.  But we knew he had it. 

But before all this happened, Nate had talked to his boss about moving back to Astoria.  It became a plan and they where going to hire someone for Nate to train and get us back home.  This was in the summer of 07′, and the plan was to hire by labor day.  No interviews, nothing.  Nate talks to him again, this time they give it to Halloween.  Still nothing.  Then Thanksgiving.  Still nothing.  Then New Year’s.  Nothing.  That is when he got the sneak up interview.  Then panic.  Nate tells him is leaving Feb 1st.  (I told him to take vacation, but he was too loyal, and they didn’t pay it out)  He has a month to hire and train for this job that normally takes six months to train.  Now he is really pissed because Nate put in this position of a fast hire.  Bleck, he had six months and did nothing.  So, he hired a piece of crap that I now hear can’t show up to work and they now have spent $2000 posting his job in the Oregonian and no one has applied.  Nate told them not to hire the guy, but the panic made them.  What a mess, and they blame Nate!  That is what pisses me off more then anything.  They had there chance and blew it.  They don’t care about anything more then the company and they blew it for themselves and it costing alot of money.  Another blessing is that this job worked out so well for Nate, I would hate to see have to go back to that mess.

Yesterday when I was thinking about how our house sold, I realized how well everything worked out.

It all started for Nate about two years ago.  He wanted to join the military and I said NO.  So we started to try to figure why he wanted that change, what was his motivation.  Long story short, he wanted to be part of something bigger that helped rather then lined the pockets of his boss.  That is when the hunt began.  Of course we wanted something in Clatsop county so that we could be closer to family.  For over a year he looked and applied to several places, taking tests in all of them.  We had kinda given up for a while, I was checking websites every now and then but with little effort.  One day, I checked Clatsop (I was board) and a job was posted!  He immediately applied and eventually got the job.  Next post will be all about how his boss and Englund Marine handled that, it is a long story and a greedy one.

On to the dog, the summer before he got the job we had gone camping.  This dog had driven me nuts forever.  He whined and barked and jumped and the list goes on and on.  When Ash was born and I started to stay home, he spiked my nerves beyond anything.  I lost my temper on a daily basis, it was insane.  I told Nate we had to do something, and we started looking for a home for him that summer.  It took six months.  We tried four places and they all could not stand him (I was not alone).  I had him posted all over the Internet, then in January we got an e-mail that saved me.  I was not going to be left alone trying to sell a house while Nate was in Astoria working with that dog.  Before we had confirmation that he had the job, an older man from Corvallis came and fell in love.  I check with the guy every now and then, and still he loves him.  Much more then we where.  Blessing number one.

Car.  We only had one car and Nate was hitching a ride three to four time a week with a co-worker so I could have it every now and then.  We did give the guy gas money.  We knew we would have to find a car if he got the job, so we started looking.  Of course the perfect car within our price range in our town was in the paper.  We now own that perfect car.  Which we purchased before the job was offered to Nate.  Blessing number two.

House.  The house sold in a horrible market and fast.  We put it on as soon as we found out Nate had the job.  I worked hard to keep it staged and clean.  Only six people saw the house before we had an offer.  We may have waited and got 10,000 more, but we needed to move now and be a family again.  Five weeks from the time it listed  to the time we moved out.  And our Realtor didn’t do a thing, all she did was the paperwork, she never showed the house.  Easy money for her.  Big Blessing number three.

It all fell into place, the timing was right on everything.  It was amazing.  This is what was supposed to happen.  I am more then thankful.  And I can’t thank everyone around us for all the help they extended to us during the last year, it has been crazy.

Cute story of the day.  Ash started a peer program at the local ESD.  He loves it.  Yesterday on the way home he was telling me all about in one word sentences.  But, he started to tell be he wanted to watch Big Bird.  I told him he could after his nap.  So he puts his head back and closes his eyes.  Normally he would have fallen asleep, but seconds later he shots up and says “wake” with his hands in the air!  And then says “Big Bird”.  Needless to say he did not sleep in the car like he usually does, we had to lay in bed yesterday.  He is getting too smart for me.

In 2008 so far, we have:

Bought a car (we only had one!)

Sold a house

Lived apart for twevle weeks

Rented a house

Bought a house

Which means we moved twice

Found out a baby is on the way

Almost potty trained Ash

Found a home for one big dog

Nate changed jobs

My goodness, when in a list it feels like even more!  I am starting to feel it now, and it is time to calm down for the winter.  All we wanna do is stick close to the house, which might explain why we are so MIA.  The next list will contain all the canning I am planning on doing before winter is done!  And speaking of selling the house, I went on line to look to see what is for sale in our old area.  The houses that where on the market when we sold are still there!  And some of the prices have dropped below what we got!  We only had the house on the market one week before we got an offer we liked, which was the first one! I feel blessed that it all worked out.

We are at eleven weeks today!  I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and it went very well.  I am gaining weight and doc stilled called me skinny!  Made me feel pretty good, considering I want to weigh about ten pounds less then I started my pregnancy at.  She didn’t think she would be able to pick up the heartbeat, but because I am so “skinny” she got it!  What a wonderful sound that can be.  I know we are still not out of the “red zone” for miscarriage, but it is nice to know we made it this far.  I am starting to finally get excited about all of it.

On another note, we hit the airshow and a safety fair today.  Ash had a blast, he loves big things.  Airplanes, firetrucks, helicopters, you name it.  So he got to sit in about everything and it was all free!  I like that part.  The bad news was that my car seat was not installed correctly.  It was not bad, but I have put a lot of time into figuring the right car seat and reading all the the manuals and I still had it wrong.  Oh well, we are still alive for now.

First off THANK YOU to Nicole, one of my oldest friends, for giving me for the SMILE award, created by Laura. Here’s the deal:

Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude.
2. Must love one another.
3. Must make mistakes.

4. Must learn from others.
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world.
6. Must love life.
7. Must love kids.

These are the rules for The Smile Award.
1. The recipient must link back the the award’s creator
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself.
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.

7. You must thank your giver.

People I’d like to give the award to:

Crystal– I just found her blog a little while ago.  If you read her “Crazy Chronicles” you’ll see that her kids mean the world to her.  She just started a program to get kids Nintendo DS’ because of something that happened to her daughter.  Her writing is wonderful and her posts about conversations between she and her husband make me laugh every time (they my be a bit rude for some).  I find her blog a good read even though some of it is a downer.

Mom of Three – This a local women whom I never met.  I love the lists she creates, a very simple way to break down how busy we really are. 

Terrible Palsy – I read this blog first when I was having a really bad day.  Her family is amazing to me.  I love the candor she writes with and the compassion she has.  And her stories about what her son says crack me up!

Nicole – I know she gave me this award, but I had to give it back too!  I always eagerly await my feeds to see if she has posted.  We have been friends forever and even though we don’t see much of each other, the blog world has been a great way to keep up with each other.  I am never bored as long I keep reading her blog, she tries me out just reading about all the things they are up to! Love ya hon, you are an amazing woman!

Melissa – I found Melissa’s blog via Nicole’s.  She is a wonderful writer and I enjoy everything she has to say.  Lately her blog has stirred up some dust, and she handled it wonderfully.  She has posted some wonderful life questions and they always, always make me appreciate what I have even more.  Anyone that can do that deserves this award.  (She has also already gotten this award but I want my readers to know she is out there)

That is it, my five most favorite blogs that always wait for new posting from.  You guys are wonderful writers.

This is my picture post

This is the third bedroom when we first moved in

Without carpet

And new paint and no trim

This room will be the baby’s room

Our new fireplace!! Looks better now, we painted over the scrapes

Nate’s Graduation, I love him in uniform

Lately, Ash wants the camera.  All our pics are starting to look like this

Nate’s parents took him the circus.  I am not a fan of them, but he had fun

First firework show.  He stayed up way too late, he was begging for his blanket the whole time.

Ash and pappa’s dog Ty

There is just something sweet about a sleeping toddler

I have never felt better right now.  I love being a human again and my husband loves having his wife back!  We are doing great!  Next week I have my first real OB appointment, we’ll see how it goes.  I am a little worried right now.  I’ll start with a little family history.  All of my great aunts and my grandmother have had hysterectomies and my mother as well.  We have a very strong history of uterine cancer in our family.  My last pap came back abnormal and they wanted to see me again to do another in the fall.  If I remember correctly, they do one at your first OB appointment.  So, not only do I worry if the baby is still alive (still spotting) but I am worried about my overall health.  It is hard for me to look at my own mortality and that my family might lose me.  I am not so worried about not seeing my kids grow, but how they will feel if they lost me now.  I have had dreams that Nate has passed away and Ash is begging for dadda to come home and how do you tell a two year old that they are gone?  Death is something I have never really had to deal with.  No one close to me has passed, ever.  I did attend one funeral, a SIDS baby. It was an open casket and I refused to walk by.  I never knew the child, but I knew I could not handle what there was to be seen.  It was hard enough to watch her mother.  I wonder sometimes if I will be able to cope when the time comes and I wonder what would happen if I was gone, could they cope as well?  I figure, all I can do is treat people as if I may never see them again and try to live my life like it might not be as long as I hope.

On a happier note, I got to can peaches this year!  Last year I tried and failed.  I think the guy sold me the wrong peaches.  We always go for Alberta’s which are freestone.  Last year, the pits refused to come out and all my peaches ended up mushed up.  But this year, my mom helped and she ordered the peaches.  They came out wonderful.  On my next post, I plan picture only, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now that things have seemingly calmed down, I am started to feel better.  I have had two whole days barf free!  I love being back in the game, don’t get me wrong, I love to relax.  But it is hard to do when so much needs to get done.  Other then the baby being alive, the docotor gave us a better idea of how far we are.  Right now, the baby measures at just under nine weeks and we have a due date of April 11th, and there is only one in there!  Ash was born two weeks early, on April 13th so I am hoping this one is the same way or we are going to have birthdays on top of each other.  The office was great, they have an ultrasound in house, so no rushing to the hospital.  I think we might stick around.

In other news.  Nate finally got on the four month shift rotation.  That means he has the same shift for four months and the same days off.  The bad news is: GRAVEYARD.  It will be easier this time because we can adjust and live the lifestyle where as before it was only a month and switch! 

We have been bustin’ ass on our wood pile.  If you don’t know, we bought a whole log truck loads worth.  We are about 1/3 done.  Nate’s dad let us pile it on his property even though we where prepared to dump it at our house.  It is nice having it there, Von works on it when he can by making rounds.  We pick it up and split it all at our house.  What is not nice, he is pushing us to move faster then we wanted. 

We had a gas leak!  Being pregnant I can smell everything.  Gas being one.  We had NW Natural come out and they shut the gas off because the leak was in the wall, if it where they can get it they fix it no charge.  So we had no hot water for the weekend, but we got a really nice guy from Columbia Housewarmers (very highly recommended) and he fixed it in one day and he thinks it won’t cost more then $200.  Which we can afford.

Finally – Ash.  My mom works for an ESD.  She got him signed up in a peer program.  What it is, he goes to a “school” for kids with disabilities.  It is only an hour a week and he there to help the teachers show the kids on how they are supposed to act.  Nate has Tuesdays off till January, so he is taking him to the group.  A few family members where concerned he would regress and pick up bad habits.  Nate took him today for the first group, and he did great.  Nate said he had a lot of fun and helped the other kids.  He said that he seemed to know something was different and he was really gentle with the other kids.  I guess the kids are not that bad, only one had a really hard time.  I am excited and Ash was too.  He was all about going to school this morning.  I think pre-school will be really great for him.  So Tuesdays are Ash and daddy days.  They went to the park and had lunch together afterwards today.    Things are good this weekend.

So our doctors office passed test one.  Getting a freaked out pregnant lady with a two year old in quickly and politely.  The baby is alive and well, moving and heart beating.  Doctor can’t really say why I am bleeding and that miscarriage is possible.  We’ll wait and see.  In the mean time I will try not to freak out anymore.