We love a fireplace. There is something special about a fire in the morning and one late at night. It just feels good. While in Waldport, we had a fireplace but it was an open face. Nate and I had talked about putting in a insert and had planned to, then we decided to sell. This house had an ugly, I mean ugly, gas insert installed. And now there is talk of a possible 40% hike in gas prices this year. That means over $200 a month just to heat this house during the winter! We both knew that we wanted to replace the gas insert with wood, but the rate hike made us move a little faster then planned. First we bought the stove, which was an adventure in itself. We picked the one we liked, which was a flush mount so we would not have to add any hard flooring for clearance. Then they call, on back order till the end of November! That means Christmas is when we would finally get to use it. So I was on the hunt. Now, no one has wood stoves right now, they are selling like hot cakes. We found one in Salem. Luckily my mom was camping in Portland and was nice enough to drive down to pick it up for us. Now it is installed and ready to go. Then next step was the wood. We found a guy to deliver a log truck load for $900 bucks. We figure we will get about 10 cord our of it. We should burn no more then 3 cord a year. Not bad – $270 for heat for one year – that could have been one month of gas! Nate’s dad offered for us to dump the load at his house, and we have been picking away at it. Von is going to give us 2-3 cord of his seasoned wood and take out of our pile next year. I am working my way off the grid!