Since Nate and I moved back to Astoria, we both knew that it was time for us to try again to add to this family.  We went off birth control in June and I am now somewhere between 7 weeks and 12 weeks pregnant!  I am such a nut sometimes, I don’t keep track of stuff that I don’t care about.  Thus, I did not keep any track of the “last period”.  So, we are working off blood work to determine how far along we are.

So, it started off with bang, I barfed almost non stop for two weeks and my boobs felt like they where going to explode (though nothing like when milk comes in – that is another story).  I thought I was going to die.  I begged my in-laws to make dinner for Ash for the two weeks and poor Nate got almost no sleep as I begged him to get up in the morning.  Then I woke up and it is gone.  Still nauseated, but I can eat, cook and be normal for the most part.  Now is a good time to mention my step mom was sick (barfing) for nine months solid for 24 hours a day (while sleeping too) with all three of her kids.  I have it good in comparison. 

Now, I feel fine.  I am worried of cousre.  We lost a baby three years ago and it lingers weather I like it or not.  But, if it happens again I now I will be much more prepared for it.  Last time, I was invincible and it hit hard.  Now I know it is a possibility and I know why it happens and how often.  I have faith it will be fine.

So, I made an appointment with the only office in town that has OBGYN’s and I was not impressed by it.  But I am going to give it more time, I have six months to find the right one.  It was a group orientation, so I went with four other women and only one had kids.  It was lame, and it took three and half hours to do.  It should have been for first time moms only.  They reviewed what to expect in the first trimester, briefly went over how the practice works and what happens in labor and took blood and insurance information.  AND there was NO snacks!  How do you make women sit for so long with no snacks.  Luckily I was brought my own, but I was starving when it was done.  I was last in line for blood and the doctor asked if I wanted to see her, I told her I was leaving to eat and could not see her for my stomach would not allow it!  I never saw a doctor!  They see you when you are 10-12 weeks, which is fine.  But I did not need that orientation.  And the other women with three kids, she had that office deliver her last two and was having some problems with this pregnancy.  She just wanted to talk to the doctor, and they made her sit thought the whole thing too!  How lame is that.  They should have just made her an appointment.  I figure I will leave my suggestions the next time I go.  OPTIONAL ORIENTATION!

That is that, I will continue to post more about it as it comes.  We are not getting too excited yet, we’ll probably save that when we see the baby is alive and has a skull.