Does you kid have a favorite show or movie?  The one that they beg to see over and over again?  When I was a kid, all we had was movies.  I remember renting the same movie over and over again from Video Horizons.  The two that stand out: Black Stallion and The Last Unicorn.  It must have driven my mom nuts to pay to rent the same movies every time!  But I loved them and need less to say I own the latter now.  I wasn’t the only one though. I had a friend down the road who had to watch Bambi every night to go to sleep.  I thought she was weird.  Now my son has decided his favorite, Monsters Inc.  It is the first time he has sat for more then 1/2 hour and he begs to see it when he wakes up.  We have started giving him about 1/2 – 1 hour of TV time when he wakes up from nap and in the morning.  It works out, and he likes the time to wake up, if we get too busy in the morning or after nap, the rest of the day is horrible.  He is just like dad, morbid scary shows.  What will be his favorite when he is sixteen?

BTW, our son is named after the picture I picked for this post. I liked the name and Nate loved the movie. Like we are not obsessed with a certain movie.