Now that I am back in Astoria, I realize I miss a lot from down south. To name a few:

Charges $65 for library which has no book share and it is tiny in comparison. No books on potty training!! Storytime programs stops for periods at a time.

No recreation center – only the pool – but it is a freakin’ awesome pool

It has Dairy Queen!!

Very good Sunday Market!!

Fair sucked

Crappy public transportation

Tons of parks all around town, and Fort Stevens


Local literacy center offered FREE tutoring after school, playgroup for toddlers (craft, dance, snack and gym) and a bus ride home for FREE. Playgroup was twice a week and tutoring every day all ages. So awesome. It was put on by the town of Waldport

Recreation center was huge- exercise room, basketball courts, soft room for small kids. Had a $1 once a week playgroup with toys- INSIDE.  Pool was just a lap pool

Library was FREE, and book shares from Tillamook to Corvallis for FREE. Had story time every week

Fair was sooo much fun

Had crappy public transportation

Hardly any parks, but you could not drive on the beach, great when you have kids!!

The Aquarium!!


Now, I guess what I miss the most is the library and the playgroup.  It feels like Astoria is about the tourists, how to make them happy and bring the money in.  While in Lincoln county, it just felt more like they wanted to local community to grow.  If I where to push anything on the city, it would be to change the library.  I am a strong believer in reading and feel like everyone should have access.  My goodness, Knappa has a free library!!  Astoria has such a lack of resource material, it is just missing something.  I have talked to a few people and they say Seaside has a wonderful program, and book sharing for FREE.  I just can not justify the drive.  Enough complaining, I am so very glad to be home.

BTW, I don’t like Pepsi or Coke

Note to Ron: Not very nice to leave a comment on someone’s blog telling them they need to “clearly grow up” or to tell them they need a “real” job or education.  How do you know I am not pumping gas to get by, or to feed my family.  I real job doesn’t mean anything.  What means someting is you love your family, you work hard at the job you do have and do what you can when you can to improve yourself and find “your” happiness in life without being a burdon on anyone but yourself.  Thank you.