Okay, Nate and I have not been fans of the TV for some time, I hate paying for it not watching it.  We bought the house in Waldport in 2004, we had TV up till then.  Then in late 2005 I found out I was pregnant and we decided to get cable in 2006.  After that, I tried to cancel it and the cable company could not get someone out to turn it off.  I called three times.  After that, it is their problem.  We had free cable till we moved out in 2008.  Now, we did not get it when we moved up, in March.  And I hate not having it.  There is no cable out here, so we decided on DISH Network.  Forty dollars a month!!!  I like channels like, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet and so on.  They only come in the giant package, lame-o.  After a year it goes up to fifty-seven!!  YACK!!  I’ll need to get a job in 2009 to pay for my TV!!  But I get to see Yo Gabba Gabba again!! This is what I am paying for