I heard something on the radio today that just sent me into a fit.  This guy was complaining about his ex-wife his child support money on herself.  Okay – two people make babies, babies demand time, energy, money you name it.  Two people split, one has kids full time and the other part time.  Who gets more time to themselves?  Now, I was raised in a poor family, where both parents where poor and divorced.  My dad paid $200 a month for two kids and later paid $400. My mom paid $200 in rent for a crappy trailer.  I don’t know what her earnings where, but they where not good, we ate a lot of potatoes.  Sure, she could fine $20 bucks every now and them to go out or $10 to buy make-up, but is that spending his money on herself or her spending his money on us and her money on herself?  Did he take some of his money and buy beer every now and then?  He lived in a travel trailer, so I know he was not doing much better. 

Think about how much child care costs, at least $600 a month.  So if you have two kids in full time care $1000 bucks or more a month just for that.  What if a judge tells you to pay $1500 for two kids, your half of the child care is $500 bucks and that leaves $1000 for all the other monthly expenses.  Lets say an average child eats $10 a day worth of food, that’s $20 a day for 30 days makes your half $300 a month bringing the total left over to $700.  That has to cover general health costs (monthly dues for a family can run $300 a month), water, electricity they use and anything kids need, like haircuts.  Plus you have a person working full time, generally, who has almost no time to themselves.  Except weekends, if they are taken. 

Child support is what it is, it supports the children.  Their care provider probably does not get pedicures on your dime, your dime goes to them and yourself.  Her dime goes to them and herself.  Your child support ensures that the kids are taken care.  And I do agree that there is some malice in some cases.  I know there are some cases where judges do not leave any money for the payee to live off of and I do feel like some people make poor choices in how money is spent – so fight to take your kids and make the ex pay you. Then you run our of money fighting – it all sucks.

And on another note, I read a blog from some lady (I will never read again).  She was complaining about her ex-daughter-in-law.  She didn’t like how they where being raised.  And she admitted to not taking the kids, because “she is too hard to deal with and the kids are needy”.  What the heck?!  You don’t like what she is doing and you refuse to be more of a “good” influence.  How are they going to be any different then her.  You are missing out lady.  Your son picked her, he made kids with her, he decided it was a mistake and your grand kids are being pushed of your life because it is too hard for you.  Life sucks – blame your son for a bad choice not the kids for who their mother is.

I love blogging – I can totally rag on someone without them knowing – haha