Today I was thinking about abortion.  I am not a fan of the subject, but it means something different to each person who talks about.  I do not like the word “absolutely”.  As in “I would absolutely not stand for it”.  I do not think abortion is a good thing.  There are many people out there looking for babies, but they are looking for “absolutely” perfectly healthy little babies.  When I was pregnant with Ash, I was given the option of an amino.  Meaning, they would take his blood and do a DNA test to see if he was “normal”.  We decided against it, it would not change anything.  Could I make the decision to abort if he was not “normal”? No, I would not have.  Nate and I intentionally wanted to bring a life into this world, and that was an unconditional decision.  I don’t agree with the teenage girl who made a mistake and can’t deal with a baby right now.  But I do feel for the women who is hooked on meth and carrying a child.  And the women who was raped.  Or the child prostitute that could be outcast if she is pregnant? I can’t say, “absolutely no abortion” when I see stories of women suffering.  Who an I to decide?  A meth baby is not a healthy baby anyone “normal” family would take on.  And what about the emotional trauma a mother has after being raped?  After we lost one baby, I don’t how I could willingly force one out.  I have never been raped, nor am I a drug addict or alcoholic.  I don’t know the daily choices these people have to make.   I’m sorry that only women get to make the decision, but how could we give a rapist say in the birth of that child?  It is too gray for me to believe one way or another.  All I can say, don’t be too quick to judge. Imagine the pain a women goes through after making that decision, I can’t say anyone would be unchanged by that event.