Nate and I took Ash to the pool tonight. My goal was to replace the bad experience with a new good one. He did great!! Tonight was the first time he put his head under and did not suck any water in. Nate and I even had him swimming back and forth between us. We kinda torpedoed him back and forth under the water. He started jumping off the side and bouncing around by him self. People kept telling that us it was amazing to them and asking how old he was, I was getting big head! They even opened the slide for the last fifteen minutes we where there and Nate got to show off. Ash saw a couple of girls and he wanted to hang with them, I think he thought they where cute. It was great. I knew the once a week trips to the pool would pay off. And we got to talk to the manager and he switched us into the mommy and me class for the last six sessions. We’ll see how he does next year, at least I’ll know what class to sign up for!