Okay, Ash and I have been swimming together since he was six months old.  Nate and I decided to try to sign him for swimming lessons.  We went to the pool and paid $35 for eight sessions.  The lady asked for his birthday.  I asked if I could get into the pool with him, she said no.  No mention of any other classes. We just got him in the lowest class they had – polywogs.

Tuesday was his first lesson.  He did not touch the water.  He would not let go of me.  We talked for a half hour about the pool.  We talked about it all day Wednesday and today.  So tonight I take him again.  I sit him down on the steps and leave and hide where I can see him.  He is slowly melting down.  The nineteen year old swim instructor is doing what she can while trying to teach the other kids.  (Mind you, the lady who signed us up suggested that I leave him as quickly as I could)  So, I watch him sit and cry for about twenty minutes.  The whole time, I want to cry and hold him.  He finally gets up and walks out and I have to get him, and the swim instructor looks like she is going to lose it.  She has no idea what to do. 

I walk to the front desk and ask if I can have my money back for unused sessions.  They ask me how old he is – 2 1/2.  Ohh, he is not supposed to be in these swimming lessons until he is four, our rules.  WHAT THE F**K!!  We have a mommy and me class designed for his age.  WHAT THE F**K!!  Why didn’t the lady tell me that?  I went through one of the hardest I have had to do, abandon my kid pool side with a nineteen year old, and for nothing!!  Then they tell me that they can’t give me my money back, only the manager can.  I have to write him a note, they can’t, and beg for my money back or a transfer to the mommy and me program in August.  I cried all the way home, I felt like a fool.  I felt bad for Ash, the swimming instructor and me.  All the other mommys where staring at me with empathy, and the pool girls made me feel like a jerk because I had him in the wrong program – then speak up and make suggestion when I signed him up!  I need to make myself more informed, I guess the pool people can not see his age and recommend a program.  She did have his birthday…..