Ash took his first boat ride last night.  I was a little freaked.  I kept thinking about what would happen if it flipped.  But it was a blast.  We spent all afternoon hanging on the beach with the in-laws.  This post is dedicated to the pictures we took.  One picture you can see the Mt Adams fire in the background.  We thought a volcano blew!! 

This is the really freaky moment of the trip for me.  Nate buried Ash in the sand up to his hips, near the water (There is a pic of it).  I did not like that he was so close to the water period.  Then I see two cargo ships next to each other coming up river.  I politely tell Nate to dig him out, and he doesn’t.  I don’t make a scene, I just walked down and start digging and looking over my shoulder at the ships coming.  I’m starting to panic a little and Nate starts to help.  His parents are laughing and joking and I am having a small heart attack.  It took about five minutes to get him out,  We get him out, and then the waves hit.  He would not have drowned, but the water would have hit him at his chest.  I know he would have panicked, along with me if I would not have dug him out.  Needless to say – we buried him further up the beach for the rest of the day.

The picture of the belly is Nate.  He fell asleep in the sun a couple days ago and had his hand on his chest.  You can see the hand under the right nipple…. Yet another reason I love him.