So my divorce post stirred it up!!  My mail box was flooded with people who all had something to say, many who I do not even know!!.  Many not wanting to leave comment, don’t really care though.  This has lead to a decision that I will stick to posts that are up beat and happy.  I will talk about love, marriage, kids and all the rest.  I don’t want to hurt or damage anyone.  I have too much to lose in friends and family and life in general to post anything that is too offensive.    All of you had wonderful things to say (and I mean ALL)  – I guess it was just too much for me all at once.  I didn’t realize I had sooooo many readers.  Thank you for reading – look forward to deep “happy” posts from here on out!!!  By the way – all the kids I know rule not just mine.  I just don’t get much to brag about being that he is only two.  So here is my bragging rights now: he can count to five (kinda, he forgets about four) and he knows all of his primary colors!!  Pre-school here we come!!!