I have always been a comfort kind of person.  When I find my place I like to stay there.  I have never been much on daring choices or coming out of my comfort zone.  Last year I applied to OSU and was accepted.  They even found enough loans for me to pay for the two years.  I panicked and never did it.  I think it was the 25-30 thousand of dollars I was going to go into dept.  Now that we are home, I am more comfortable then ever (hence my ranting and raving posts!).  I am starting to think about what to do when I start to work again.  I was checking the paper the other day and there was an ad for a RN.  $25-$30 an hour!!  I made an appointment with the local college and I think I might try to get it the program.  They accept applications based on a point scale – no interviews or anything.  The most points you can have is 78, but eight of those are for a bachelors and masters.  I don’t think many who apply will have that.  If I do all the schooling before hand, I will have about 55 points.  I have to get some more classes out of the way before I apply, like 30 credits!!  Actually fifteen of them I don’t need, but they are part of the program and if you have them it boosts your point scale.  Then if I get into the program, I have to take 60 credits.  I guess it is hard to get in, they have 24 places and had over 70 applicants this year and 125 the year before.  This is our plan for now:

We are kinda trying for another baby.  We have tossed around the idea of fostering and adopting.  We both decided we would like to find an older child so have decided that our kids should be older as well.  I know a lady who adopted and the kid is messed up.  I wanted my kids to be old enough to understand why a new child is getting more attention then them.  I want them to be able to defend themselves emotionally and physically and to understand the love of adoption.  Kinda sounds like a cop out huh?  I don’t know – we change our minds daily.  All we know is that we want more kids around us.

If we end up pregnant, then we should have a baby sometime in 2009.  If I take all the classes I want to before I apply to the program, I would be applying in 2010 and graduating in 2012 (I won’t take full time classes until I get into the program if I do).  If all goes to plan, our youngest would be three and I would be ready for work, at least part time.  That is the plan – as you all know – life can sometimes throw a speed bump in.  I am excited about it, earning money, going to school and working.  It would be awesome if I could be an RN in a public clinic or school.  The school nurse!!!  How cool would that be! 

Hopefully in two years I will posting that I got into the program on my first try!