Nate and I have been very dedicated parents for the last two years.  So much that we have not had an official date since before Ash was born.  I have many excuses for that, but I know that none of you would consider them valid ones.  So, now that we are home we made a date over the fourth and it was wonderful.  We meet up with my old friends Allison and Saryan at the Fort George.  It was so relaxing.  We ended up at the Baked Alaska eating a flaming desert and watching the fireworks.  Very spontaneously romantic for us.  I think we are going to shoot for that more often.  It was nice to be a couple and not parents for a time. 

Again about my dryer, it can hold two giant loads of laundry and more.  We bought a 4.0 cubic foot washer when we moved in (for those of you who have to shop for  a washer will know how big that is).  So I loaded the thing and it broke.  Soooo freakin bummed.  Luckily the company was awesome and sent me a new one, and I will probably load it to the max again. 

Lastly, Ash is using the potty on his own!!  I can’t believe it, and I was ready to bail on the potty training.  He just started today to say “potty” and hit the toilet without peeing his pants.  Never in my life did I think I would so excited about crap and urine in a small round plastic potty.  Fortunately he gets older and goals change – next I will be wigging out about him doing his own dishes!!!