It is official, I am the hot dog mom.  I had yet to give Ash a microwaved hot dog for lunch, but today was the day.  I had bought some for the camping trip and they where just sitting there in the frig.  I couldn’t help myself, it looked so easy.  I also wanted one, so that did the deal, we ate hot dogs for lunch.   It was wonderful, but Ash only ate the bun.  Technically I did not feed him a hot dog, off the hook I am. 

On another note, I finally got my umbrella dryer!  I am in love, my clothes smell wonderful.  Like most American kids, “Walden” was in our high school English class.  Since I have had that book, I have wanted to live more simply.  Not like him, but with less stuff and more fun.  Hence the garage sale.  With a compost pile, outdoor dryer and my soon to be garden, Walden here I come!!! Yeah right….

We are going to head to Fort Stevens for a few nights with my mom.  With this being such a hot weekend, it will very nice to get out of Knappa.  I am already dripping and it is only 1:30.  So here I sit typing away to “Johnny Cash”.  I have been stalking myspace for old acquaintances and have found a few.  I is awesome to see how they are, it is a little depressing too.  I feel like I should have done a little more and worked a little harder.  But, I am sooo happy right now and I don’t want to work hard.  I like this stress less lifestyle – less is more.  I also have found some family members, and that makes me sad.  There are so many people I love out there and I don’t get to see them or know them now.  My cousin Tim just lives a little to the north.  He lived with my mom and us kids for a while.  I was hitting my teens and he was older then us.  He was like a role model for a while (maybe not a good one haha).  He had fun with us and I remember him always being a total blast to be around.  So, when I was looking at all his pics on myspace, I was sad.  I don’t know him anymore and he still looks like a blast.  Then there is his brothers who I really never got to know except for when where still considered children and not teens or adults.  I have been away too long.  I miss these people.