We have started the remodel!!  But, it is the kind we can do with out spending any money.  We started to rip out the front chain link fence and dropping it back with the house.  It made me feel so locked up with it all the way around the house.  And the parking was awful, it was tight just to open our car doors.  This is the before picture:

And this is the after picture:

I took out the ugly black fencing on the walk way.  I HATED it!!  It was a wonderful feeling to rip it out.  And what did we do with all the fencing you ask?  Here it is:

It is my much wanted compost pile.  I have always dreamed of having one of these on my property.  My vision was more of a cedar box, and much prettier.  But I realized if I want to be a true greenie, I have to re-use any material I have.  I love this set up.  It is three bins and the front comes off.  All I need is a pitch fork and I can move each bin over one when it fills up.  The goal is to have useable compost by the time it hits the third bin.  I read somewhere to have it touch the earth, I figure it is for the heat.  I also read that I need leaves or airy material to put in it.  And I am hoping it brings worms in for the fishing!!  I don’t know if I will put too much household foods in it, I worry about rats, bears, coons, and lose neighborhood dogs.  But I am totally excited to have it!!