We are loving being home owners (at least I am)!!!  Today was awesome.  I got up and mowed the lawn, and Nate weed whacked it.  Nate worked on both cars, and got all the filters changed.  I scrubbed another side of the house (that’s three now) and we moved a fence line.  I was so excited to get it all done, kinda weird huh? 

We where going to head to the zoo this weekend, but funds have changed our minds.  So it is a garage sale instead.  We have way too much stuff to be packing around, so we are selling some of it.  If any of you locals want to see the house and hit a garage sale, come on out this weekend, we are going run an ad in the paper. 

We love the new neighborhood.  Where we came from, we had CC&R’s.  Community codes and regulations.  I hated it.  No cars on street at night, trailers on RV lot, no fence too high, no additions without board approval, no skateboarding and on and on and on.  What a joke, the place even had a gate, a two by four that went up and down.  Anyone could get in, I don’t know how many times the thing was broken while we where there.  All the neighbors did was bitch about each other, and I think most of them where 40 or older.  So, now we can let our dog run lose, park our trailer where we want, have a burn barrel, mow when we want and on and on and on.  Our neighbors are great too, our back neighbors are in there early twenties and one of Nate’s co-workers is just down the road.  There are kids like mad here and everybody seems to get along.  I love it!!!  So, never, never buy in a community with CC&R’s.