So, now that I have decided we are poor, I am going to try to amp up my Avon selling.  I started doing more for my mom and I, but I am going to give hardcore sales a try.  I am not much of a make-up girl, but I do like the stuff Avon sells.  I just bought the Anew under eye treatment and I love it.  I have always suffered baggy eyes, and now I don’t.  So if any of you out there are interested, my site is .  I can send you coupons for free shipping.  Enough of that.

Ash ran a fever for a few days and nothing came of it, thank the lord.  We just all got over a six week illness.  Nate brought it home from Academy about the middle of May and I am still coughing from it.  So I think it is from the two molars Ash is getting in.  It is his last two until he starts to lose them.  In the middle this fever I switched him to his big boy bed.  He has been so tired out that he did not even notice.  He has been in it for about three days now.  He lays down and goes to sleep by himself and sleeps all night!!  Now I am going to work on the potty training.  I just got this wonderful book with a ton of good tips.  Most of it I have already done.  But now we are going to tackle this head on.  I have been kinda lack with it, we moved twice and Nate was gone twice, leaving me to pack a whole house twice.  Needless to say, I have not exactly been on top of it.  Ash knows how to use it and when he has to use, he just chooses not to right now. From here on, he is not going to have much of a choice.  We don’t have the funds to remodel just yet, so poop in the toilet is my goal for the summer. Wish us luck!  (I do have a pic with Ash and his giant poop, but it might be a much for all to see)