I love being a mom and some days I also wish that I worked full time so I could drop Ash off at a daycare.  Some days I think “gosh, this could be easier if someone else did it”, then he cracks this smile.

When I tell him to say cheese, he gives me this.  I love it, it makes my day to see it.  The other day, he was in a red wagon with a huge helmet on and my mother-in-law got the photo.  When I get it, it will be posted.  Right now, Ash is getting to be his own person.  He is starting to argue with me, throw fits and boss us around.  So, we do things to distract him and make him feel more involved with what we do. 

This is us on a cookie day.  Ash and I love to make cookies, and he loves the beaters.  He is growing so fast and it makes us want a baby again.  One day…